Richard Gibson

Game AI Expert, Founder at SportsBid Fantasy Sports, Robot Shark Gaming

Welcome to my web page! My name is Richard Gibson and I live in Victoria, BC. I currently have a number of projects on the go. The majority of my working hours right now are spent doing game development with Metalhead Software on Super Mega Baseball 2. SMB2 is a fun, accessible baseball video game set to release in Spring 2018 for XBox One, Playstation 4, and Steam. On the side, I have a new sports pool game called Bracket Bids that combines elements of pick'em games and traditional fantasy sports. Bracket Bids promotes strategy over sports knowledge and offers a lower barrier to entry than typical fantasy offerings on the market. In addition, I also consult with professional poker players. I build game-theoretic optimal poker AI programs and analytics software to help improve their game.

In 2014, I completed my Ph.D. in Computing Science at the University of Alberta. As a member of the Computer Poker Research Group, the focus of my Ph.D. thesis is in artificial intelligence and computational game theory, specifically in domains involving more than two agents. From 2010 to 2013, I was the main author of Hyperborean3p, a program that plays 3-player limit Texas hold'em. Hyperborean3p has won the 3-player events at the Annual Computer Poker Competition for five years running and is arguably the best 3-player poker program in the world. Before engaging in Computing Science, I studied Mathematics and hold a Master's degree in Math from Simon Fraser University.

Outside of work and studying, I enjoy playing several sports, including tennis, baseball and ball hockey. In addition, I am an avid video game player and love playing games both casually and competitively. Finally, I also enjoy building apps related to my hobbies that others can use and enjoy too. Examples include Bracket Bids, described above, and PB Tracker, a website for tracking video game speedruns.